Steam Shower Warranty Info

A balanced hot & cold water supply will be required for all steam showers.  A pressure equalising valve may be required to be fitted to supplies on most unbalanced hot water systems. A pump may be required for low pressure systems.  Please allow extra clearance for assembly.

Operates at Pressures of 1.5 - 4 Bar and flow rates of 12 litres per minute.  The household hot and cold pipes need to be connected to the steam shower inlets for the Hot & Cold Feeds.  The showers waste output should be connected to your household waste pipe to ensure the waste can be removed.

The showers electric mains can be plugged directly into a standard 13A socket OUTSIDE of the bathroom. It is advisable to connect the shower within the bathroom via a flex outlet plug fused at 13A with external double pole isolation on a IP56 connection. This will require removal of the factory fitted plug and qualified electrician should be employed. Removing fitted plug will NOT invalidate the warranty at all!

Due to the nature of these products and in the interests of health & safety we cannot accept returns on these items once they have been unpacked, we do offer a 24 months parts only guarantee to cover any potential manufacturing defects but this does not include labour costs. The supplier will cover electrical (excluding lights) parts, mechanical components, jets, hoses, and steam generators against manufacturing defect. Damage caused by improper handling, accidental damage, cleaning materials that could cause rust and cause chrome finishes to peel, damage to glass, tubs, trays or metal fittings, and scale damage due to hard water will not be covered. Excessive use of the steam generator or loose connection of the steam outlet pipe will cause cracking or crazing to the tub or tray - this cannot be covered by guarantee. As part of the commissioning process the units must be checked for any defects before finalising installation. All steam showers and whirlpool baths must be isolated when not in use. Installation must only be carried out by a professional qualified installer for the guarantee to be valid. 

Please leave room to allow service access. The cubicles could be a little lower than the overall measurement as the overall measurement generally includes the top shower head connection. We highly advise to allow at least a minimum of 300mm Free Open space around the shower cabin to allow for installation of the Freestanding Shower Cabin and for future servicing.

Additional Installation Notes:
Electrical: This steam shower cabin requires 1 x 13amp electrical supply. It comes with a plug and RCD fitted, however we recommend you remove the plug and have the cabin installed to a fused spur. If you have an RCD fitted within your mains board you may also remove the RCD fitted to the shower flex.

Water: The cabin requires 1 x hot and 1 x cold water supply. The household water pipes should be fed to a point approximately 1 metre off the floor in the corner where the cabin is to be fitted. Balanced water pressure is required, between 1-3 bar. If using a gravity fed system we recommend you use a shower pump, to provide the required water pressures. We do not supply pumps. The shower cabin is a freestanding product and as such we would recommend your fitter does not fit the shower into locations that mean the cabin cannot be moved away from the wall if needed. The couplings on the cabin to connect to your water supply are standard 15mm compression fittings.

Some of our products arrive in large boxes, please ensure that you have enough room to manoeuvre the boxes and their contents to the installation location.